The Melrose Rhino Rugby Wheelchairs, are custom fabricated after careful consultation with the athlete. They are all manufactured to comply with International rules of the IWRF.

Melrose Rugby wheelchairs are built by highly experienced fabricators who are working for a company that has over 16 years involvement in the sport.

Some of the design features include:

  • pickbars mounted to the front that are designed to strike and in some cases hold opposing wheelchairs,
  • wings, positioned in front of the main wheels to make the wheelchair more difficult to stop and hold,
  • rear mounted anti tip guards positioned at the rear to also make the wheelchair more difficult to hold, and
  • all our rugby chairs have spoke guards, to prevent spoke damage, and to make it more difficult to stop and hold.

Offensive chairs with various wing alternatives or defensive chairs with variations of pickbars can be built.

Heat Treatment for Frames

Melrose offers a Heat Treatment option for our aluminium rugby frames, this process changes the structure of the aluminium and is said to increase strength. Contact us for the cost of this process.

Standard Specifications

  • Offensive or Defensive chair
  • Choice of pick bar styles in alloy
  • Fixed camber bar between 12° and 20°
  • Cross spoked wheels 24”, 25” or 26” with high pressure tyres
  • Hard anodised pushrims and quick release axles
  • Rollerblade castors
  • Adjustable height footplate
  • Adjustable height back
  • Adjustable tension seat sling, back upholstery, fabric skirt guards, foot strap
  • Single wing (on offensive only)

Options and Accessories

  • Individual designs for wings can be accommodated – double, single and/or inverted
  • Tapered seat width and back
  • Adjustable tension back upholstery
  • Ergonomically designed seating system (Ergo Seat »)
  • Double or single swivel anti-tips with alloy or plastic plating protection
  • ABS or alloy footplate fixed or fully adjustable
  • Offensive or defensive style steel bolt on pick bar
  • Spinergy wheels – 24”, 25” or 26”
  • Various spoke guard designs:
    • Polycarb offensive and defensive
    • Polyethylene offensive
    • Polyethylene / red rubber defensive
    • Alloy spoke guards
  • Red or black rubber coated pushrims. Oversize pushrims with 6 or 12 tape
  • Hip strap, back bar cover, cushions 1” 2” 3” or 4”
  • Alloy or ABS side guards
  • Wheel bag to accomodate (two or four) 24”, 25” or 26” wheels


Melrose Wheelchairs are custom-made to measure and a script form needs to be filled out before ordering. Contact us if you’re not sure how to fill out the script, we are happy to help!

Download high point script.

Download low point script

Download titanium script