The Melrose Piranha has a very compact ultra lightweight frame. The design offers the added advantage of having no underframe to impede lifting in and out of a vehicle.

It is completely custom built to the individual’s specifications for size, rake, hanger angle, taper and camber. It has an adjustable camber bar position allowing you to alter your centre of gravity. It can also be built with the Ergo Seat System.

The design can be adapted to provide extra strength with a behind heel bar and/or the mount bracket for the drive lock system in a vehicle.

Standard Specifications:

  • Aluminum or Titanium frame
  • Adjustable back height and folding back with bar release mechanism
  • Adjustable footplate length
  • Various wheel size options
  • Quick release wheels spoked on alloy rims
  • A choice of rollerblade, 5″ solid, 6″ solid, or 5″ or 6″ wide solid castors
  • Seat to floor height fixed at customer specified heights
  • High mount push to lock brakes or standard scissor brakes
  • Black fabric sling and back with leather trim
  • Leg strap and fabric skirt guards
  • Five-year frame warranty
  • Adjustable camber bar position to provide variable “tippiness”

Options and Accessories:

  • Anti-tips
  • Adjustable back upholstery
  • Fabric or ABS footplate cover, castor covers
  • Angle adjustable footplate
  • Bag under chair
  • Cushion, ABS skirt guards (other skirt guard options available)
  • High pressure tread, smooth or solid tyres
  • Wheels available in spoked 22″, 24″, 25″, 26″ or BMX sizes
  • Composite wheels, Spinergy wheels, or Spider wheels available
  • Spoke guards
  • Hill climber brakes, super retractable brakes or D-lock brakes
  • Push handles – various options
  • Ergonomically designed seating (Ergo Seat) and or Ergo back
  • Fixed camber bar position
  • Can be built with growth in the seat length at rear


Melrose Wheelchairs are custom-made to measure and a script form needs to be filled out before ordering. Contact us if you’re not sure how to fill out the script, we are happy to help!

Download script.