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Passenger Transit Wheelchair


The Melrose Passenger Transit Wheelchair transports wheelchair passengers from the check-in to the aircraft door. An assistant is required to push this wheelchair so it has a full width padded push bar for comfortable one or two hand pushing. Large anti tip bars extend behind the rear wheels and can be used as a kick bar – by placing your foot down on the bar to help tilt the wheelchair’s front castors up over curbs.

It is a fixed frame (non folding) chair that provides a longer life cycle because the frame has no moving parts. The frame is hand made from aircraft grade aluminium and is lightweight and rust resistant. Many of our components are made inhouse to ensure we maintain exact tolerances from the highest quality materials. All four wheels are solid, these provide less rolling resistance for easier pushing and maneuverability, they also require very little maintenance over their life.

A cushion is provided for skin protection as well as comfort, the skin on a disabled passenger can be susceptible to pressure areas, abrasion and bruising, even after a short period of time on a hard surface. Armrests provide support for passengers with poor or no balance, they also allow the passenger to pressure relief if required. Our armrests rotate back out of the way to allow egress from the side. A Hip Seat-belt provides support and extra security for passengers with poor or no balance. It also prevents the pelvis from sliding forward and rotating the passengers’ natal cleft on to the seat base.

Flame retardant soft trim materials can be used and can be certified to FAR23.853(a) and FAR25.853(a) App F Part l(a)1(ii) if required.

The chair can be finished in a large range of durable heat resistant powder-coat colours and your airline or airport logos printed onto the seat back.


Standard Specifications

  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • 5” Seat Width
  • 17” Seat Depth (long)
  • 1” Cushion with removable wipe to clean Cover
  • Adjustable height Foot-plate
  • Flip up Foot-plates
  • Lift-back Armrests
  • 6” solid wide Castors
  • 18” solid rear Wheels
  • Hand operated Drum Brakes
  • Black fabric Sling and Back
  • Large Pocket at rear to carry Flight Documents
  • Seat-belt with Car style Buckle
  • Under-chair Luggage Carrier
  • Wide range of Colours
  • Max user weight 120kg
  • Five-year Frame Warranty


Options and Accessories

  • Titanium frame
  • Fluro and Metallic colours
  • Seat-belt with Velcro Fastening
  • Seat-belt with Plastic Clasp Fastening
  • Airline or Airport logo printed on Seat Back