Fixed Frame Aisle Chair

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Fixed Frame Aisle Chair


The Melrose Aisle Wheelchair has been specially designed to fit down narrow passages while providing maximum manoeuvrability.

It can be used to fit into tight spaces like non-disabled public toilets and caravans as well as aircraft aisles and can be completely custom built to the individuals or companies specifications.

This model has two separate braking systems; one assistant operated foot brake for use while transferring and another assistant operated lever brake for use while negotiating gradients.

We can also provide quotes for bulk orders.


Standard Specifications

  • Aluminum frame
  • Adjustable seat to footplate length
  • Solid 12″ tyres on composite wheels
  • Solid 6″ wide castor wheels
  • Seat height from floor including cushion 450mm
  • Seat width 375mm
  • Seat length 400mm
  • Seat back height from cushion 500mm
  • Maximum chair width 415mm
  • Locking foot brake system
  • Black fabric sling and back
  • Cushion
  • Push handles
  • Hip, leg and chest velcro straps
  • Large range of colours
  • Five-year frame warranty


Options and Accessories

  • Titanium frame
  • Adjustable back upholstery
  • Custom seat dimensions
  • Angle adjustable footplate
  • Hand lever brakes
  • Seat belt type buckles for straps