This wheelchair is NOT available to people over 80kg.

The Melrose Cobra is an everyday lightweight wheelchair designed and built to provide a comfortable ride by reducing jarring and vibration. This has been achieved this by utilising the low elastic modulus (springyness) of the titanium frame.

Cobra is their lightest wheelchair made from titanium, the lightweight construction reduces stress and wear on your arms and shoulders. The design also has no underframe, this assists when lifting the wheelchair over yourself – for example: when getting in a motor vehicle without a hoist.

There is also a small amount of camber bar position adjustment so you can change your wheelchair balance position.


  • Adjustable back height and folding back with cord release
  • Adjustable footplate height and wheel width
  • Quick release 24″ spoked wheels on alloy rims
  • A choice of rollerblade, 5″ solid, 6″ solid, and 6″ wide solid castors
  • Fixed castor position
  • High mounted push to lock brakes or scissor brakes
  • Black fabric sling and back with leather trim
  • Leg strap and fabric skirt guards
  • Five year frame warranty

Options & Add-ons

  • Anti tips
  • Adjustable back upholstery
  • Fabric or ABS footplate cover, impact guards, castor covers
  • Bag under chair
  • Cushion, ABS skirt guards
  • Tyres, smooth or tread, high pressure or solid KIK
  • Wheels available in spoked 25″, 26″ and BMX sizes or 25″ Xcore composite wheels
  • Spoke guards
  • Hill climber brakes, superlock brakes
  • Push handles
  • Interchangeable camber bar 0°,3°,6° available
  • Frog leg suspension forks


Melrose Wheelchairs are custom-made to measure and a script form needs to be filled out before ordering. Contact us if you’re not sure how to fill out the script, we are happy to help!

Download script.